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Eng­lish grammar

Some­times it is funny how peo­ple tend to cre­ate sen­tences with their own book of gram­mar. Know­ing the basic rules of gram­mar is essen­tial for proper fram­ing of sen­tences both, while read­ing as well as writ­ing. Being aware of all the know-how of gram­mar, one can speak flu­ent Eng­lish and write prop­erly framed sen­tences with ease.

Types of Grammar

There are two branches of grammar-descriptive and pre­scrip­tive. Both the types are used broadly in day to day life. While numer­ous lin­guists pre­fer to go with the for­mer, those who teach Eng­lish tend to go for the lat­ter. On a big­ger note, descrip­tive gram­mar accepts the gram­mar of any lan­guage the way it is. On the other hand, pre­scrip­tive gram­mar has its own strict set of rules that every part of speech shall abide by so as to be termed as gram­mat­i­cally cor­rect. It is impor­tant to have a broad knowl­edge of both the type to be able to speak and writer proper English.

Bet­ter Late Than Never

Many peo­ple think if they couldn’t learn the basic gram­mar in their high school days, they would prob­a­bly never be able to learn it again. But, this is not true. It is never late to get a hold over the most spo­ken lan­guage all across the globe. If one has the spirit and moti­va­tion to learn gram­mar, they can prob­a­bly go the “online” way. All that is needed to be done is to “Google” it. One needs to find a pro­gram or web­site to go with their level and inter­ests. This is the most con­ve­nient and the most afford­able way to get in touch with the basic know-how gram­mar world. More­over, there are numer­ous insti­tu­tions set up just to teach the basics of Eng­lish and gram­mat­i­cal rules so to make them com­fort­able with the lan­guage. They charge a min­i­mal price for the same. In addi­tion, there are some that even offer video tuto­ri­als that can be seen and heard at home so that the con­cerned per­son gets more time to learn the basics of the lan­guage apart from those few hours of classes.

Means of Earning

It is amaz­ing how the com­mand over lan­guage can earn you sev­eral bucks just by sit­ting at home. Yes, you read it right. One can earn hun­dreds and thou­sands of dol­lars every month just by writ­ing con­tent for web­sites and blogs. All that requires for this type of task is to have a proper com­mand over the Eng­lish lan­guage and be able to frame sen­tences prop­erly. Depend­ing upon the time devoted, one can earn some real bucks. There is a huge demand for writ­ers who write flaw­less con­tent and clients do not mind pay­ing a decent pay for the task. And all this is pos­si­ble just by learn­ing the basic rules of Eng­lish grammar.

make money by writing articles

make money by writ­ing articles

It is never too late to ini­ti­ate a good deed. Learn­ing always adds value to one’s exist­ing knowl­edge and when it is about learn­ing the basics of a lan­guage like Eng­lish, it will cre­ate won­ders for the per­son through­out one’s life.

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