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Why Learning English Language Is Important?

The anti colo­nial­ists have argued that Eng­lish is only impor­tant because of Amer­ica. Of course the United King­dom is nowhere near the for­mi­da­ble Empire that it was in the 19th cen­tury. Nev­er­the­less Eng­lish remains a sub­stan­tive lan­guage that effec­tively runs the world.

The impor­tance of the Eng­lish language

Chi­nese is spo­ken by a vast num­ber of peo­ple but in real­ity there is lit­tle com­pe­ti­tion against Eng­lish in busi­ness cir­cles. French is los­ing its power even in diplo­matic cir­cles. The world is becom­ing a global vil­lage and chances are that Eng­lish will be the choice for com­mu­ni­ca­tion purposes.

Proofread your writings using WhiteSmoke

Speak­ing Eng­lish lan­guage is dif­fer­ent from writ­ing it with­out any spelling and gram­mat­i­cal mis­takes. You need sheer prac­tice to excel your­self in Eng­lish lan­guage. This is pos­si­ble by con­tin­ual read­ing, writ­ing, speak­ing Eng­lish, I mean, though you do not know it per­fectly, try to prac­tice it reg­u­larly. It is not always pos­si­ble to do ask someone’s help to cor­rect your mails or writ­ings for spelling and gram­mar errors. Hence, you should take help of soft­ware and inter­net who can solve your prob­lem. Using of MS Word and some sites like spellchecker can solve your prob­lem to an extent but they are very lim­ited. Lack of arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence is the main draw­back of these tools.

I have found soft­ware which will solve these prob­lems. It com­prises sev­eral writ­ing tools, such as a dic­tio­nary, a the­saurus and ready-made let­ter tem­plates; its core fea­ture is its advanced Eng­lish gram­mar checker. It works on Nat­ural Lan­guage Pro­cess­ing tech­nol­ogy. WhiteSmoke can­not detect all errors. Please remem­ber that this soft­ware is not going to solve all your prob­lems com­pletely but this will han­dle all the major issues in your writ­ings and con­verts your un-interesting and errors into pro­fes­sional writ­ings. This soft­ware is com­pat­i­ble with all the oper­at­ing sys­tems. If you want to use WhiteSmoke, then you have to open word proces­sor appli­ca­tions like Notepad or MS Word, high­light the text you want to proof­read and then click on F2 but­ton. Whitesmoke will con­nect to the online server and gives some sug­ges­tion based on the sce­nario. There are many ver­sions in this soft­ware, check out which suits you and get a copy of it!

Figures of Speech

Fig­ures of speech is a means of express­ing ones thoughts and feel­ings by mak­ing use of words in their lit­eral mean­ing or even out of their usual usage, in order to add emo­tional inten­sity or beauty or for trans­fer­ring the poet’s impres­sions either by iden­ti­fy­ing or com­par­ing a thing with another which has a mean­ing that is famil­iar to its reader.
A few impor­tant fig­ures of speech include metaphor, sim­ile, per­son­i­fi­ca­tion, sym­bol and hyperbole.

Sim­ile: Sim­ile is a fig­ure of speech which is essen­tially used for com­par­ing explic­itly two unlike things. Usu­ally words like ‘as’, ‘then’ and ‘like’ are used.

Exam­ples: Her cheeks are like red roses.
It is as thick as the cloth

There are few sim­i­les in which a par­al­lel com­par­i­son is extended and devel­oped beyond the pri­mary com­par­i­son and are also usu­ally sus­tained through numer­ous lines. Such sim­i­les are known as Home­ric sim­i­les or epic similes.

figures of speech

fig­ures of speech

Metaphor: In these fig­ures of speech, a phrase or a word is used for denot­ing an idea or an object to another, fur­ther sug­gest­ing an anal­ogy or like­ness between them.

Exam­ples: Life is a jour­ney, death is sleep
Dif­fi­cul­ties are the obsta­cles and achieve­ments are the landmarks.

Usu­ally most of the metaphors are nouns; how­ever, verbs can be metaphor too.

Per­son­i­fi­ca­tion: It is a kind of metaphor in which the unique and pecu­liar human char­ac­ter­is­tics such as hon­esty, voli­tion and emo­tion and more, are imputed to an object, an ani­mal or an idea.

Exam­ples: My cell phone hates me
Flow­ers were danc­ing with the rain

Per­son­i­fi­ca­tion is com­monly used in apologues.

Hyper­bole (hi-PER-buh-lee):
Hyper­bole is a delib­er­ate and bold over­state­ment which is used basi­cally as a mode of accent­ing the truth of the bold state­ment. Usu­ally these sen­tences are not meant to be taken precisely

Exam­ples: His mobile phone is mil­lion years old.
She told him the same thing thou­sands of times.

Ady­na­ton is a kind of hyper­bole, in which the over­state­ment is so greatly mag­ni­fied that it starts refer­ring to impossibility.

Allit­er­a­tion is also known as ini­tial rhyme or head rhyme. It is the rep­e­ti­tion of prime sounds, gen­er­ally the con­so­nants, of a stressed word that is either at a short inter­val or is in neigh­bor­ing word.

Exam­ples: Mary’s micro­phones made much music.
Peter poked his pen into him.

Allit­er­a­tion pro­vides strength and sup­port to stresses, grat­i­fies effect on sound and also serves as an elu­sive con­nec­tion or stress of key words in a line, how­ever, a word that is allit­er­ated should not call any atten­tion, by their strained usage, towards themselves.

How to make group discussions? PART-2

Group behav­ior:

The third para­me­ter which the eval­u­a­tion of a group dis­cus­sion is done is group behav­ior. As dis­cussed ear­lier, unlike in a debate or elo­cu­tion, in a group dis­cus­sion all the par­tic­i­pants are free to speak at all times. Hence, how each per­son inter­acts with the other mem­bers of the group becomes very impor­tant. Even in a real life sit­u­a­tion in an orga­ni­za­tion, all inter­ac­tion is between supe­ri­ors or between super­vi­sors and it is imper­a­tive that every indi­vid­ual is able to other per­son in a mature man­ner. The eval­u­a­tor will be look­ing at this aspect of the participant’s per­son­al­ity. What you need is to exhibit a ratio­nal approach, an adult to adult inte­gra­tion with the other group mem­bers. You should lis­ten to and under­stand the views of the oth­ers and try to inte­grate them with your ideas and then present a cogent pic­ture of the topic.

All this clearly means that actions such as shout­ing to other group mem­bers gain atten­tion and mak­ing snide remarks about oth­ers con­tri­bu­tions will not do any good for you and it will cre­ate bad impres­sion on you. The will only show up as boor­ish and intem­per­ate and this hardly qual­ify you.

group dis­cus­sion

Lead­er­ship qualities:

Par­tic­i­pants who have lead­er­ship qual­i­ties will get rec­og­nized for such abil­i­ties. How­ever, you should remem­ber that lead­er­ship does not mean speak­ing loud­est in the group. Lead­er­ship means show­ing direc­tion to the group. An ideal leader is not the per­son who speaks the most in the group but is the per­son who is spo­ken to the most.

It is not pos­si­ble for all mem­bers of a group to dis­play the lead­er­ship qual­i­ties. If you get an oppor­tu­nity to lead the team then you can do so. How­ever, do not try to go out of your way to estab­lish your­self as a leader. It is quite ade­quate if you are able to dis­play your knowl­edge. Com­mu­ni­cate effec­tively and behave maturely with the team members.

Remem­ber that the mod­er­a­tor in a group dis­cus­sion is look­ing for a per­son with bal­anced think­ing. Never get emo­tional about the topic or any part of the dis­cus­sion. What­ever your views are and how­ever strongly you may hold such views, what is required in a group dis­cus­sion is an objec­tive and bal­anced approach.

One more impor­tant rule is you are not there to make pol­icy deci­sions for the gov­ern­ment nor you are there to con­vince all with your opin­ion. You are only there to con­tribute to the group in a man­ner that con­vinces the mod­er­a­tor that you will make a good stu­dent at his\her man­age­ment school. Every­thing that you say or do should keep this all impor­tant matters.

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