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Essay Writing Tips

Essay Writ­ing Tips

When you are writ­ing an essay, there are many fac­tors that fol­low the kind of essay you write. It includes your inter­est and effort that you put in to it. We have given some tips for essay writ­ing before and we want to touch this topic again as we got lot of requests.  Let us describe some basic types of essay writ­ing and how you could ben­e­fit from essay writ­ing tips about that in this blog post.

1) The Descrip­tive Essay: This is said to be the most com­monly used essay for­mat in schools. In this kind of essay writ­ing, you gen­er­ally describe cer­tain things. Things like Who, What, When, How and Where are answered in such essays. All kinds of rel­e­vant ideas are con­nected to it. In descrip­tive essay writ­ing, you carry on with cer­tain things that make sense to one who is read­ing it.

Essay Writ­ing Tips: One main essay writ­ing tips for this kind of Essay is to be sure of fol­low­ing the sim­ple way of writ­ing an essay. You must be sure of the clar­ity of words that you are using in your file. You must keep away from the num­ber of words that you need to use. If you feel cer­tain words are not famil­iar, you should try to avoid them. Just write down from your heart and the essay would be perfect.

2) Aug­men­ta­tive or Per­sua­sive essay: This is yet another types of essay writ­ing that you need to fol­low. In this kind of essay, you for your opin­ion and then write accord­ingly. After writ­ing the com­plete essay, you come for a conclusion.

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