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Practical Usage of English for Air Travelers in Airport

Airport thumbnail

Air­port thumbnail

Ris­ing com­pe­ti­tions among the air ser­vices providers and reduc­ing ticket prices has con­tributed to it sub­stan­tially. How­ever, unlike the rail or road trav­els, there are a few extra steps to be cov­ered like the cus­toms and secu­rity checks while under­tak­ing air travel. Due to fall in the price of domes­tic air price of domes­tic air inter­na­tional air tick­ets, more peo­ple pre­fer the mode that helps them reach their des­ti­na­tion in very short time, hours that would nor­mally have taken days to reach. To get through the cus­tom check­ing con­ve­niently, it would be good learn­ing about some basic ter­mi­nolo­gies fre­quently used in the airports.

If you are a first time trav­eller, it is advis­able to know some of the basic ter­mi­nol­ogy and eti­quette of air­ports. That is what we are going to explain you in the below paragraphs.

Learn Credit Card Vocabulary and their Practical Usage

credit card as cash

credit card as cash

In present days, most of the trans­ac­tions are being made through plas­tic cards and online trans­ac­tions. These plas­tic cards made shop­ping eas­ier and has­sle free. Whether it is debit card or credit card or shop­ping card or any­thing else, they have reduced the size of the wal­let and increased the buy­ing poten­tial of the con­sumers. Though credit cards are not the legal ten­der in the cur­rent mar­ket, it is the lead­ing non-cash meth­ods of pay­ment and one can’t think about life with­out them. Let us know dis­cuss about some of the com­mon ter­mi­nol­ogy used while using credit cards.

The fol­low­ing post dis­cusses the vocab­u­lary related to credit cards

Account num­ber
Addi­tional card­holder
Adjusted bal­ance
Affin­ity card
Annual Fee
Annual Per­cent­age Rate (APR)
Autho­rized Trans­ac­tion
Auto­matic pay­ment
Aver­age daily bal­ance
Bad Credit
Bal­ance Trans­fer
Bank Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion Num­ber (BIN)
Billing Cycle
Billing state­ment
Card Issuer
Card Reader

Practical Usage of English

After writ­ing more than 200 arti­cles on this blog, and after read­ing through some of the sug­ges­tions, com­ments given by our read­ers, we have decided to start a new sec­tion in our web­site that will help the read­ers in using Eng­lish lan­guage practically.

We want to name the new sec­tion in our web­site as “Prac­ti­cal Eng­lish”. The arti­cles in this sec­tion will give a glimpse about what kind of vocab­u­lary has to be used at dif­fer­ent places and objects that we encounter/use in our day-to-day life like hotels, air­ports, rail­way book­ing, the­aters, credit cards etc. This sec­tion will help the read­ers to know the basic ter­mi­nol­ogy used in those places.

Pat­tern of the article:

  • Intro­duc­tion
  • Vocab­u­lary
  • Sam­ple Conversation

We hope this sec­tion will help you in improv­ing your Eng­lish lan­guage skills.

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