Correct usage of prepositions

In the pre­vi­ous posts we came to know about some of the basics of prepo­si­tions. We also came to know dif­fer­ent kinds of prepo­si­tions. Now in this topic let us know how to use, where to use prepo­si­tions for proper mean­ing of the sen­tences. There are 4 golden rules per­tain­ing to the proper usage of prepositions.

Rule1: In sit­u­a­tions, the prepo­si­tions might be required to be placed at the end of the sen­tence. In such sce­nar­ios, they can be used fol­low­ing ways

a) When the rel­a­tive pro­noun is ‘that’

Exam­ple: Here is the book that you have been search­ing for.

usage of Prepositions

Usage of Prepositions

b) When the prepo­si­tion gov­erns the rel­a­tive pronoun.

Exam­ple: He is the per­son whom we are search­ing for.

This is the baby which we are look­ing after.

Rel­a­tive pronouns-whom and which

c) When the rel­a­tive pro­noun is understood.

Exam­ple: This is the boy you spoke to.

Those are the goals we aim at.

d) In the case the prepo­si­tion gov­erns the inter­rog­a­tive pro­noun or inter­rog­a­tive verb.

Exam­ple: What is she look­ing at?

What is the name of the per­son on whom the whole respon­si­bil­ity is laid on?

e) The prepo­si­tion is used as infini­tive and is placed at the end of the sentence.

Exam­ple: Don’t you have a pen to write down?

Don’t you have a chair to sit on?

f) When the object gov­erned by the prepo­si­tion is place first in the sentence.

Exam­ple: This I rely on.

She is known all the coun­try over.

This is the point the pro­fes­sor on that day insisted on.

Rule 2: A prepo­si­tion can be used in the begin­ning of an inter­rog­a­tive sentence.

Exam­ple: From which sec­tion are you?

To whom should I sub­mit this?

In which coun­try did this cul­ture originate?

Before how many days did you ever open this book?

Rule 3: There are many words which can be used as both prepo­si­tions and adverbs. Some of them are above, about, along, across, before, below, behind, besides, by, down, in, near, off, over, past, round, through, under, up, etc.


Prepo­si­tion Adverb
She was here before six. She has done this before.
She was behind us. He is long way behind.
The sta­tion is just round the corner. Come round and meet me this evening.

Rule 4: There is a spe­cific list of words with prepo­si­tions which require gerunds after them.


Gerund: a verb form which func­tions as a noun. It used as –ing in a sentence.

Would you mind me tak­ing your book tonight?

Today I spent more than 10 hours watch­ing movies.


Refrain from hunting

Pre­vent from working

Suc­ceed in doing

Dis­qual­i­fied from doing

Abstain from drinking

Help in doing

Addicted to gambling

Bent upon doing

Averse to playing

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