How to write an essay?

Apart from the clar­ity and con­text an equally impor­tant thing in proper choice of words grouped into sim­ple sen­tences that express what you want to tell with no scope of ambi­gu­ity and con­tra­dic­tion. Your con­tent and clar­ity of ideas should be sup­ported by the cor­rect­ness of the expres­sion. Let’s see some of the prob­lems that we face gen­er­ally regard­ing this.

essay writ­ing

Incli­na­tion to use high sound­ing words:

You may won­der that peo­ple with high vocab­u­lary face this kind of prob­lem. They grow some strong and irra­tional lik­ing for high sound­ing words and are under the impres­sion that the use of such words impresses the eval­u­a­tor. But the result is just the oppo­site. So try to use less high sound­ing words as possible.

Con­fus­ing or wrong references:

In terms of gram­mar this mis­take is the result of improper use of pro­nouns. It is one of the best prac­tices to read a book on com­mon mis­takes in Eng­lish and go through the rules and sen­tence cor­rec­tions as many as pos­si­ble before you write an essay.

Wrong use of verbs:

Wrong use of verbs in a sen­tence is one of the most com­mon mis­takes that peo­ple make that catches the atten­tion of the peo­ple who cor­rects. Chiefly there are two kinds of mis­takes that peo­ple make. They are agree­ment between the sub­ject and the verb of a sen­tence and mis­takes that are related to the proper use of the sequence of tense.

Wrong order of the words:

If you write sen­tences like, “the hunter with a long tail killed a tiger”, your essay is sure to tickle the per­son who eval­u­ates. But then, tick­ling the eval­u­a­tor obvi­ously is not the objec­tive of your essay. “The hunter killed a tiger with a long tail” is dif­fer­ent from “the hunter with a long tail killed a tiger”. The first sen­tence means that the hunter killed a tiger with a long tail but the sec­ond sen­tence means that the hunter killed a tiger by using the long tail as killing device or weapon. At the ear­li­est point of time, see if you are in the habit of writ­ing these kinds of sen­tences. Most of the time, one com­mits these kinds of mis­takes because of the neg­li­gence or lack of atten­tion. That’s why they almost always go unno­ticed. The best way to avoid these type of mis­takes is to edit the essay once you are through with it.

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