Confusing words part-3

Here are some more words those con­fuses us in gen­eral usage:

  • Endemic and epi­demic: Both refer to dis­eases. If a dis­ease is endemic it is com­mon in an area of pop­u­la­tion and peo­ple are likely to be exposed to it. An endemic refers to a wide­spread dis­ease in a region.
  • Flaunt and flout: Flaunt is some­thing that is to show off and flout is to dis­re­gard some­thing out of disrespect.
  • Gourmet and gour­mand: A gourmet is an expert in the appre­ci­a­tion of the fine food, whereas gour­mand is more inter­ested in quan­tity rather than qual­ity. Gour­man­dize is to stuff food like a glutton.


  • Homo­ge­neous and homoge­nous: Homo­ge­neous means “of sim­i­lar kind” and homoge­nous means hav­ing a com­mon origin.
  • Immu­nity and impunity: Immu­nity is to resist from a dis­ease and pre­vent from being affected by it. Impunity is free­dom from harm­ful con­se­quences or from a punishment.
  • Inapt and inept: Both are derived from the word apt. Inapt has the same not suit­able or inap­pro­pri­ate and inept is naïve or gauche or not skilful.
  • Inge­nious and ingen­u­ous: some­one who is inge­nious is clever and who is ingen­u­ous is naïve.
  • Founder (noun) and founder (verb): Founder (noun) is the per­son who estab­lished some­thing. Founder (verb) is to sink or drown.
  • Amenable and ami­able: some­one who is amenable is obe­di­ent and agree­able and some­one who is ami­able is friendly and agreeable.
  • Cliché and clique: cliché is an overused idea or say­ing and a clique is an exclu­sive group of peo­ple who are bound by some sim­i­lar qual­ity or interest.
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