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tips for spoken english 125x125 pixelsWe have writ­ten a lot of arti­cles about the Eng­lish Gram­mar and its usage. We have got a few requests ask­ing to tell more about spo­ken Eng­lish. So, in this arti­cle, I would like to talk about two com­mon mis­takes made by even the native Eng­lish speak­ers. Eng­lish lan­guage is very tricky and it is tough to mas­ter it because most of the Eng­lish words which appear to be cor­rect while speak­ing but are incor­rect when put on the paper. The Eng­lish spo­ken by non-native Eng­lish peo­ple over­laps with their local lan­guage and thus results in the improper usage of Eng­lish. While speak­ing, mak­ing oth­ers o under­stand what you want to con­vey is impor­tant while writ­ing the same should also take care of gram­mar, punc­tu­a­tions, proper usage of terms.

Today and Yesterday:

We com­monly use the terms today evening and today night etc. Though one can under­stand what you are say­ing but it is sug­gested to use cor­rect form of language.

“Today” means “This Day” where the Day stands for Day­time. There­fore “Today Night” is confusing.

The cor­rect usage: “This Evening”, “Tonight”.

This also applies to “Yes­ter­day Night” and “Yes­ter­day Evening”.

The cor­rect usage: “Last Night” and “Last Evening”.

Spoken English Tips

Spo­ken Eng­lish Tips


There is no word called ‘upda­tion’ in Eng­lish lan­guage. The cor­rect usage is shown in below examples.

  • You update some­body on the lat­est news.
  • You wait for an update on the sta­tus of the report.

The shower smiles in a politician.

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