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What is a split-second decision you made that changed your life?

获得266.8k好评的回答@Nicolas Alan:

I had just opened my eyes and felt the urge to pee. I noticed my then pregnant girlfriend wasn't in bed with me. I was still exhausted. Should I get up and pee and risk not being able to fall back asleep or should I sleep in discomfort? I decided to go pee.

I slowly made my way to the bathroom door. The bathroom door was shut. I opened the door and walked in without looking up. I faintly hear "Nic I need help." I look up and there is blood everywhere. My girlfriend was sitting on the toilet. "Oh my god, she's miscarrying" I muttered to myself. My girlfriend was too weak to stand up. I called her grandparents to come get us. I knew the ambulance would take 30+ minutes to get there.

It was about 4 weeks before the due date. We rushed to the emergency room. The doctor told us that everything was okay but the baby was definitely coming. He said that had we not got there as soon as we did my daughter would've died for sure.

Basically my split second decision to pee that morning kept my girlfriend from miscarrying our baby. Here is a picture of the first time I held my baby:


获得596好评的回答@Shuchi Mehta:

Last year, on 31st December, I met with a major accident. This accident totally changed the way I used to look at things in my life. Like every day, it was time for my office for which I used to go on a two wheeler vehicle. And that day I was not in the mood to wear the helmet. It's very common to ride a two wheeler in India. And one of the important things that most of the Indians are ignorant or irresponsible about is wearing a helmet. And it was a pain for me too to wear a helmet every single day.

So I was riding the vehicle at an average speed of 30-40 mph when I thought to go ahead of a scooter being slowly ridden (on the left end of the lane) by a middle-aged man in parallel. The only problem here was the wrong timing. The man without any hint or even looking at the back to check if any vehicle was approaching, indicated with his hand and immediately took a right turn to cross the street.
我想超过一辆骑得慢吞吞的摩托车时时速是30-40 mph,那辆车是一个中年人骑的,和我并排在车道的左边,唯一的问题就是我选错超车时间了。那个男人没有任何暗示,甚至都没看看后面是否有车靠近,打个手势立刻就要右转过马路。

Unfortunately, just a second or two before this I had speed up my vehicle to overtake the man. 3 seconds after, I knew our vehicles would bang as we were in a close distance. In the very next moment, we along with our vehicles skidded for some distance. I got hit on the road directly on my back. It was a terrible jerk and the suddenly developed pain gave me a serious nauseating feeling. But for that moment I could only think about two things. "What would have happened if I hadn't worn a helmet today?" "Was the other person alright?" Thankfully, the man was alright as he too was wearing the helmet.

That split second decision of wearing the helmet changed my entire life, and turned this major accident into a minor one. I really thank God and myself for the decision I made that day. After this incident, I promised myself I will always wear a helmet in any condition. This idea may seem trivial to many of us, but it saved my life and the biggest of all, it made me realise how important small acts can turn out to be! I have learned to be extra careful.



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