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How to Overcome the Phobia of Learning English

Pho­bias are illog­i­cal feel­ings of fear or dread. In this case we con­sider the fear peo­ple have when it comes to learn­ing the Eng­lish lan­guage. Granted, there are some peo­ple who sim­ply con­sider them­selves inca­pable of learn­ing any for­eign lan­guages. Although this is, in fact, dis­putable given that every­one has the abil­ity to acquire lan­guage, it is true that learn­ing a lan­guage not native to you can be hard, and takes real ded­i­ca­tion. Most people’s hes­i­ta­tion towards learn­ing lan­guages stems from the fear of look­ing stu­pid in a class­room envi­ron­ment, or in public.

This pho­bia often seems to arise as a result of trau­matic school expe­ri­ences, where a lack of con­cen­tra­tion leads to humil­i­at­ing cir­cum­stances. Although these first expe­ri­ences of Eng­lish learn­ing may have been con­ducted in the wrong way, learn­ing a lan­guage will always throw up the same kind of chal­lenges when put into prac­tice. The trick is not to take them too seri­ously but to think of them as a curve that every pro­fi­cient Eng­lish lan­guage speaker goes through.

How to Overcome the Phobia of Learning English

How to Over­come the Pho­bia of Learn­ing English

Fear and embar­rass­ment in the fledg­ing lan­guage learner, is mostly trig­gered by;
• Bad pro­nun­ci­a­tion– No-one likes mak­ing sounds that seem unnat­ural to them espe­cially when they make you look like you have a speech imped­i­ment.
• Ask­ing an hon­est ques­tion but being baf­fled by the exten­sive reply that you receive or lin­ger­ing eye con­tact imply­ing an answer is required of you when you just don’t know what the ques­tion was!
• Using a wrong word for some­thing– par­tic­u­larly if it turns out to be rude.

The truth is that once you get far enough in the lan­guage learn­ing process, it becomes fun to com­mu­ni­cate in that lan­guage with­out such qualms. Cac­tus courses really help one to start, or re-ignite for­eign lan­guage skills. Self prac­tice or with a trusted friend also helps to sharpen lan­guage skills and with time the pho­bia leaves you with­out your knowledge!

Offshore E-Learning Solutions for the English Language

Eng­lish is the most com­mon lan­guage in the world and its dom­i­nance demands that many peo­ple get to learn it. For those that can­not attend classes because of scarcity of time or learn­ing cen­ters, tech­nol­ogy offers a suit­able solu­tion to the learn­ing needs of those with the desire to be one with the lan­guage. The inter­net offers e-learning solu­tions that are flex­i­ble and con­ve­nient. Off­shore e-learning solu­tions do not com­pro­mise qual­ity sim­ply because they are offered on an inter­net plat­form. It is actu­ally cheaper and offers vast resources that in can­not be availed in a real class­room set­ting. Adobe learn­ing tools are mostly used by cre­at­ing Flash con­tent for the e-learners. If Eng­lish is the lan­guage being stud­ied, tuto­ri­als are offered together with voiceovers that make the learn­ing expe­ri­ence more real. In addi­tion in the e-learning pro­gram all the ser­vices are included, for instance a learner can pur­chase an e-book, reg­is­ter and do the exams online.

Offshore E-Learning Solutions for the English Language

Off­shore E-Learning Solu­tions for the Eng­lish Language

The e-learning ser­vices include com­puter based learn­ing, com­puter based train­ing and web train­ing on the inter­net through video con­fer­enc­ing. All these depend on the Eng­lish level that the learner wants to achieve, either begin­ner, inter­me­di­ate or advance their Eng­lish skills. All aspects of the Eng­lish lan­guage are pro­vided from gram­mar to pro­nun­ci­a­tion to even busi­ness English.

E-learning, in lan­guages espe­cially is the way to go. Besides the flex­i­bil­ity and the con­ve­nience that they offer, there is the option of choos­ing from a wide range of over­seas insti­tu­tion and this means that the qual­ity is def­i­nitely guar­an­teed. For Eng­lish, being the uni­ver­sal lan­guage, off­shore e-learning offers the best solu­tions for any­one with a PC and inter­net access. Besides, from an e-learning cen­ter chances are the num­ber of lan­guages being offered are many and one is spoilt for choice.

Choosing the Best Online Method to Learn English Language

Learn­ing to speak or write Eng­lish is not hard and since the lan­guage is increas­ingly being used as the lan­guage of com­mu­ni­ca­tion in most coun­tries, there is need to learn it. The best thing is that experts under­stand you are busy and might not get time to attend a class­room so they have brought you online Eng­lish lessons for your own convenience.

Learn­ing Eng­lish online will depend on whether you have the nec­es­sary equip­ment to facil­i­tate the process and whether you can man­age to sit in front of a com­puter for a cou­ple of hours to learn. There are soft­ware that are either free for use or for pur­chase pre­pared by Eng­lish pro­fes­sion­als and they all have dif­fer­ent meth­ods of learn­ing. You can also access online sites that require you to just reg­is­ter and start learning.


choos­ing the best online method to learn Eng­lish language

The method you choose to learn Eng­lish will deter­mine how well you mas­ter the lan­guage and the time you take to learn it. Choos­ing an online method will depend on your needs and what you want to achieve at the end as well as your pre­ferred style of learning.

The best method is prob­a­bly the one that gives you an easy time to learn, that is, it should be user friendly. This is some­thing new you are try­ing to learn so choose a method that will not waste your time in try­ing to fig­ure out how it works before you can start learning.

If you decide to buy soft­ware to learn by your­self, con­sider the price of the prod­uct and whether you can make any progress in learn­ing by your­self rather than with the help of an online tutor. The best soft­ware will give you prac­tice exer­cises after every lesson.

Ascer­tain the qual­ity of the method you choose and whether there are any tes­ti­mo­ni­als by other peo­ple regard­ing its efficiency.

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