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We got an over­whelm­ing response to our arti­cle writ­ten on essay writ­ing. First let me brief you about what are the dif­fer­ent types of writ­ings and what fac­tors have to be looped into while buy­ing them from a com­pany. Essay writ­ing, research papers, term papers, pre­sen­ta­tions, book reports apart from gen­eral writ­ings, con­tent writ­ing are part of writ­ing in Eng­lish lan­guage when clas­si­fied in broad terms. Each of it can be sub divided based on the

  1. Lan­guage that you are using – high pitch, con­ser­v­a­tive model etc
  2. Type of writ­ing – illus­tra­tive, argu­men­ta­tive, crit­i­cal analy­sis etc
  3. Pur­pose of your writ­ing – demon­stra­tion, guide, per­sonal writ­ings etc

Hence it is always impor­tant to pen down what you are writ­ing, how want to write and for whom you are writ­ing before start­ing writ­ing down the orig­i­nal one. This will ease you work and also give a larger pic­ture of how your article/thesis is going to look like. The fol­low­ing method of writ­ing will become handy while writ­ing any­thing (this is mere sug­ges­tion being given out of my expe­ri­ence; you are free to fol­low your own style).

The writ­ing should have an intro­duc­tion, descrip­tion, pros/advantages and cons/disadvantages of the par­tic­u­lar technology/method/service and your crit­i­cal opin­ion. Your intro­duc­tion para­graph should give an overview of what you are going to write and it should start with a daily life sce­nario. In descrip­tion you should give com­plete details of the technology/book etc. Remem­ber, this is not the place where you review it; you should merely give its func­tion­al­i­ties. In third step, write the advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages. Here your ‘way of writ­ing’ plays into role. You have to write it as argu­men­ta­tive or review or infor­ma­tive etc. The last para­graph is very impor­tant, you have to give ref­er­ence of sim­i­lar kinds of the work you are talk­ing about and give your crit­i­cal appre­ci­a­tion about this service.

custom essay writing

Cus­tom Essay Writing

Now, let me tell you intro­duce to once such sites here since many of the read­ers have asked us to pro­vide more resources and reli­able ser­vice providers in this domain. The cus­tom essay web­site pro­vides uncom­pro­mis­ing, qual­ity arti­cles at cheaper rates. You can buy essay from them at any point of time but it is advis­able to place your order before two weeks as it will save you some cof­fee. The best thing about them is they adhere to all the guide­lines pro­vided by the clients and their 24x7 hours sup­port. They are very well versed will all kinds of writ­ing styles and modes of writ­ing. Bas­ing on your request, your order will be writ­ten by pro­fes­sion­als who hold their spe­cial­iza­tion degree that you are seek­ing for. Their writ­ers stretch from bach­e­lors degree hold­ers to doc­to­r­ial degree hold­ers, thus you can be assured that your order will be of high­est qual­ity. Every­thing looks good but only one thing that I am not con­vinced is their word limit per page.

I think they should have put more than 275 words per page for the eco­nom­i­cal ben­e­fit of the cus­tomer though it might be the stan­dard limit. Maybe, the quan­tity doesn’t mat­ter when the qual­ity is top-notch. Of all the ser­vices pro­vided by them, the most impres­sive one is the research papers. It is because the research paper must show some solid con­clu­sions, per­sua­sive facts demon­strated with exam­ples and prac­ti­cal results. You can under­stand this if you have tried to write the research papers. They write in a chrono­log­i­cal order that any per­son who is eval­u­at­ing the research paper clearly under­stands the researcher has done pro­found filed work. So, I strongly sug­gest you to visit cus­tom essays if you are in need of one.

Choose Professional writers for your thesis and project reports

essay writing

essay writ­ing

One impor­tant thing that most of the audi­ence are not aware dur­ing a key note speech or at any occa­sion is they miss inter­pret that the speech given by the speaker is pre­pared and for­mu­lated by him. The fact is, most of the time it is pre­pared by some reputed mem­bers or by an orga­ni­za­tion that are spe­cial­ized in cus­tom speeches, cus­tom essay etc. There are some spe­cial­ized web­sites for these ser­vices and they become very handy when it is an emer­gency or urgent. In this arti­cle I will tell more about one such web­site and its fea­tures which may help you when you are in need. Most of you might be aware of the impor­tance of the­sis work and the project reports that you sub­mit dur­ing the col­lege times. I have faced lit­tle dif­fi­culty in writ­ing my the­sis work dur­ing my final semes­ter project in under grad­u­a­tion. I have man­aged to do well only after but I wished there is some­one who can help me (I don’t mind to pay as the work is far more impor­tant than money). I couldn’t find any at that time but now you have many such sites.

The root cause of the prob­lem is addressed well by many web­sites but now it is dif­fi­cult to choose the best site among them. So, here is lit­tle info that will help you. If you are busy­ing such ser­vice from any web­site, look at the fol­low­ing features

  • Reli­a­bil­ity of the web­site (so that you won’t end up in donat­ing your money)
  • Qual­ity of the writ­ers and their pre­vi­ous works
  • Turn­around time
  • Spe­cial­iza­tion in your require­ments (essay writ­ing, dis­ser­ta­tion writ­ing, edit­ing, course­work etc)
  • Lost but not least, the price

essay writing

essay writ­ing

Urgent Essays is an orga­ni­za­tion who is exper­tise in these kinds of work with an expe­ri­ence of more than 12 years in this field. A high-quality essay is a chal­leng­ing work that involves a deep and thor­ough analy­sis on the sub­ject. The best thing I liked about them is they have man­aged to get the best pro­fes­sors and writ­ers avail­able in the world to work for them; hence your con­tent will be of top notch qual­ity. I have browsed their sam­ples on essay writ­ing and was amazed to see their com­mit­ment to the work and the pro­fes­sion­al­ism. All the con­tent will be checked for pla­gia­rism so that you can be happy to get com­plete orig­i­nal content.

Presently, they are giv­ing 15% dis­count on the first order and con­tin­u­ous online sup­port to the cus­tomers. One point that turns them down is the price. May be when you want assured 2:1 qual­ity ser­vice, pro­fes­sional con­tent you will have to pay more. Have a look at their web­site, check the sam­ples and if they meet your require­ment then chose their ser­vice as they will never turn­down their customers.

The stressed col­lec­tive stag­gers against the con­sent­ing body.

Writing tips PART-2

In the pre­vi­ous arti­cle we can know some of the writ­ing tips which helps us very much in writ­ing good and impres­sive arti­cles or doc­u­ments or any writ­ing. Let us know some more writ­ing tips.

  • Use active voice
    • Active voice makes the reader more com­fort­able when he is read­ing. Pas­sive voice always tells the actual sen­tence in reverse order which some­times mat con­fuse the reader. So try to use the active voice. Often writ­ers use only the active voice as it is stronger when com­pared to pas­sive voice which makes the con­tent inactive.

once upon a time-300x200

  • Use par­al­lel struc­tures
    • Fol­low the same way all the doc­u­ment which makes the uses to fol­low very eas­ily. This cre­ates a pat­tern in the reader’s mind and makes to form some struc­ture about the doc­u­ment. Fol­low­ing par­al­lel struc­tures makes reader to form some pat­tern of our writ­ing and makes the reader more inter­ested and per­suades him to read more.
  • Try to pro­vide the proofs for every­thing
    • Never try to hide some­thing in your writ­ing which makes the reader to con­fuse. Always try to show or prove what­ever you want to tell and show them with some proof or with some image or with a video which makes the read­ers more believ­able and more inter­est­ing. Try to express more your ideas as much as pos­si­ble which makes the reader more clear about the sit­u­a­tion. Try to write the sit­u­a­tion which makes the user to eas­ily visu­al­ize the situation.
    • E.g. I felt bad when I killed one dog on the road.
    • This is not express­ing the sad­ness that I am feeling.
    • I felt very bad and I was able to rec­og­nize the pain and agony of the dog when it was dying. Look that it gave at me was very sad and make me feel very much when I dashed the dog with my bike on road.
    • This sen­tence actu­ally expresses all my feel­ings as well the feel­ings of the dog and expresses the sit­u­a­tion more than any­thing and the reader will really get the feel­ing when he reads.
    • So try to express more your­self, your feel­ings and your thoughts.
  • Make some joke out of things
    • A good writ­ing always makes the peo­ple happy and laugh. Try to include some jokes and makes the reader to laugh. This sense of humor is very impor­tant for any writer. This makes the reader more inter­est­ing and he will never leave the arti­cle in the middle.
  • Edit­ing your doc­u­ment
    • After the com­ple­tion of your arti­cle, get reviews from some good edi­tor and from of your friends who are very close to you and who feels free to give you the sug­ges­tions and com­ments. This phase is very impor­tant because, peo­ple are of dif­fer­ent kinds. The thing that I like the most may be hated by the oth­ers. But you need to sat­isfy most of the peo­ple. So these com­ments and feed­back is very important.

Writing tips PART-1

Peo­ple always inspire by and get attracted very much by good writ­ings of any­thing. Even for a big com­pany the writ­ing skills are very impor­tant to inform their clients all the infor­ma­tion about the prod­ucts that they are pro­vid­ing. Good writ­ten arti­cles always inspire the peo­ple and make them to do any­thing. We all know that words are pow­er­ful than swords. So we need to develop good writ­ing skills. Let us learn some writ­ing tips.

language arts - 432x259

Be clear in what you want to write

  • Think before writ­ing and decide what you want to write and then start writ­ing. This i=will cre­ate a flow in your writ­ing and makes it very easy to write any­thing. Write only the things that you know then the writ­ing will show the exact infor­ma­tion and shows truth in the con­tent. When you are writ­ing write with some author­ity and write with inter­est which brings out the good article.

Don’t edit

  • Write the things what­ever that comes into your mind imme­di­ately and don’t try to edit and change your ideas after the com­ple­tion. This will pro­duce the pow­er­ful and good writ­ings. Try to use goo words and images that make the con­tent more clear for a per­son who is read­ing your arti­cle. An image is more pow­er­ful than writ­ing. Try to write the con­tent that comes into your imme­di­ately. You will feel very free and relaxed while writ­ing and you will get some more ideas when write with some music. Try to express all your emo­tions that you get into the words which make the reader more involved.

Read some­thing about the topic before writing

  • For writ­ing any­thing per­fectly we need to have some opin­ion or some infor­ma­tion about that topic. With­out any infor­ma­tion we can’t write any­thing. Even if you write like this then it won’t make the read­ers to feel about the arti­cle. So read about that topic some­where or dis­cuss the topic with the peo­ple who are hav­ing some knowl­edge in those top­ics. Also we all know that no per­son on this earth will know every­thing on this earth and no one is per­fect. So try to get the infor­ma­tion and then only start writing.

Form some structure

  • Before writ­ing some­thing first think about that topic in your mind what you want to write and in which way you want to write. When you form some basic struc­ture in your mind will surely form good read­ings and gives the read­ers a flow of read­ing. This flow is very impor­tant when they are read­ing. Form­ing struc­ture not only makes the reader eas­ier to read but also makes it very easy to write. Par­tic­u­larly there are any fixed for­mats for the struc­ture that you should fol­low. You can form the read­ing in a struc­ture in what­ever you want. Always try to fol­low low descrip­tion to higher level or higher level to lower level. These meth­ods are gen­er­ally called as bot­tom to top and top to bot­tom respectively.

Try to avoid gram­mar, spelling and punc­tu­a­tion mistakes

  • The mean­ing of the sen­tences may change com­pletely when we make any gram­mar or spelling or punc­tu­a­tion mis­takes. The change in the mean­ing depends upon the sit­u­a­tion and some­times the change may be minor. When you are writ­ing we should take very much care about these mis­takes. To avoid these mis­takes we have to review the arti­cle once again and try to rec­tify any of the mis­takes that you find. If you are not com­fort­able with the gram­mar then try to learn gram­mar and then start writ­ing or refer to the cor­rect gram­mar usage if you are not sure about the gram­mar cor­rect­ness. We can get so much infor­ma­tion regard­ing the usage of gram­mar and punc­tu­a­tion from the web or from the pre­vi­ous arti­cles of my website.
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