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Importance of English Language

English Speakling zone

Eng­lish Speak­ing zone

The Eng­lish lan­guage is one of the most widely used lan­guages in today’s world. It is either spo­ken or under­stood, at least to a basic degree in many coun­tries. Most of the busi­ness com­mu­ni­ca­tion, sci­en­tific jour­nals, higher edu­ca­tion, peri­od­i­cals and books and the inter­net rely on Eng­lish as their pri­mary lan­guage. Why Eng­lish is so impor­tant in today’s con­text? Why must one learn Eng­lish to be com­pet­i­tive and suc­cess­ful? We explore such ques­tions in this article.

Eng­lish is impor­tant in the cur­rent sce­nario due to its wide accep­tance. Except in a few coun­tries, Eng­lish is an offi­cial lan­guage if not the national lan­guage. Nev­er­the­less, it is widely spo­ken and under­stood around the world. So if your career involves trav­el­ing to var­i­ous coun­tries or if you want to pur­sue higher stud­ies in an Eng­lish speak­ing coun­try, it is imper­a­tive that you must have pro­fi­ciency in Eng­lish language.

A work­ing knowl­edge of Eng­lish is essen­tial for a tourist. If you are stuck in a for­eign coun­try and need assis­tance, there is a high prob­a­bil­ity of Eng­lish being under­stood by a local. After all, you can­not expect to learn the lan­guage of every coun­try you visit.

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