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Use fundraising ideas to meet your requirements!

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Boot­strap­ping a start-up or rais­ing funds for an orga­ni­za­tion is never easy if you are you a new player. Rais­ing funds per­son­ally is not easy as you hear in news or from oth­ers. It requires brand­ing, good pub­lic rela­tion skills, qual­ity prod­ucts etc. If you are in need of money and if you are out of any ideas, then you can choose to work with some of the estab­lished com­pa­nies who help the indi­vid­u­als and orga­ni­za­tions to raise their income. Fundrais­ing is a good solu­tion to raise the cash for your requirements.

One of the best things about fast­track fund rais­ing is you need not pay any­thing upfront. This secures your money and you can work with ease. Though there are a lot of fundraiser ideas with them, I sug­gest you to care­fully choose the prod­ucts that you wish to sell and gain prof­its. Also, don’t for­get to read the reviews writ­ten under them before choos­ing any prod­uct as they will give a brief overview of what kind of sales can you expect, what prob­lems they faced and what will be your mar­gins after everything.

How can you raise funds?

  • Browse through the fund rais­ing activ­i­ties present in their website.
  • Explain them about your motive, expec­ta­tions though the mail.
  • Either you choose the prod­uct or ask them to sug­gest the prod­ucts that are good for your situation.
  • You have to give either your credit card details (noth­ing will be deducted prior) or debit card details (the cost price will be kept in hold by the bank so that you and the com­pany will be on safer side).
  • Order the prod­ucts and sell the prod­ucts that are shipped to you.
  • You sell them with a mar­gin to the cost incurred in buy­ing them.
  • You have to pay the cost price and the remain­ing prof­its will be with you forever.

fundraising ideas

fundrais­ing ideas

Though this process seems lit­tle wor­ry­ing about pre­pay­ments but trust me it will really help you in rais­ing funds. Thou­sands of peo­ple are using this tech­nique to earn the required money within a very short span of time. One rea­son I appre­ci­ate these peo­ple is their prod­ucts can be sold by any­body rang­ing from a school boy to old-age home peo­ple for per­sonal rea­sons to social ser­vices. Some of the qual­i­ta­tive fea­tures of them are free ship­ping, wide range of prod­ucts (eat­able items to dec­o­ra­tive items, affil­i­ates to prod­ucts) and the price of the items range from $0.5 to $100.

No mat­ter what is your need, they are always ready to help you in rais­ing funds for you. You can always ask for the brochures that they use in sell­ing the items which is given freely by them. You can earn prof­its rang­ing from 10% to 75% using some prod­ucts. Their fundrais­ing ideas an inno­v­a­tive approach in back­ing your pockets.

Your boarding pass, please — Basic English for travel

Have you ever vis­ited an Eng­lish speak­ing coun­try? Your trip will be enjoy­able and will have no prob­lems if you can com­mu­ni­cate in Eng­lish, so before you take your pass­port, check out some use­ful travel terms.

check-in counter
This is the site where pas­sen­gers reg­is­ter their bag­gage and receive their passes to be addressed.

board­ing pass
This is a doc­u­ment that brings the pas­sen­ger name, seat num­ber and other infor­ma­tion about the airline.

Aisle or win­dow seat?
Pas­sen­gers can ask to be seated at the side of the win­dow or near the cen­tral cor­ri­dor. For exam­ple: I’d pre­fer a win­dow seat.
Econ­omy, Busi­ness or First class?

A plane has dif­fer­ent classes and chairs: Busi­ness class is more expen­sive but more com­fort­able Economy.

One-way or roundtrip?
You can only buy a one-way road (sin­gle) or two chan­nels, ie return ticket round-trip (return), for exam­ple: A one-way econ­omy class ticket to Paris, please.
Domes­tic and Inter­na­tional Flights

Domes­tic flights are flights within the same coun­try. the inter­na­tional flights are between coun­tries and continents.

check-in lug­gage
This is the bag­gage that goes in the hold (posi­tion hold) of the plane.

carry-on lug­gage
Also called hand lug­gage bags that can be hand car­ried by the passenger.

Arrivals and Depar­tures
These are sep­a­rate areas in the air­port where flights arrive or off respec­tively. You can tell the taxi dri­ver: “Take me to Inter­na­tional Arrivals, please.”

Is this on Sale? Buy­ing into English

You know how to get the best price to go shop­ping in an Eng­lish speak­ing coun­try? or the argu­ments of the ven­dors you believe? Learn some use­ful expres­sions that will ensure an improve­ment in your tac­tics to haggle!


Some­one who is addicted to shop­ping. For exam­ple, Sally is a real shopa­holic — She spent with­out con­trol, all his money on clothes!

Are you look­ing for any­thing in particular?

The sales assis­tant was won­der­ing if you need some help.
I’m just looking

Use this phrase to mean that you do not need advice from the seller that you will not buy, you are only watching.

Is this on sale?

Many dis­count stores have sea­sons where prod­ucts are sold up to half price!
This is 10% less

The item price has been reduced by 10%.
This is a great promotion!

Means they are offer­ing an excel­lent prod­uct at a low price.

Do you have it in another color?

Use this phrase if you like the style but you do not like the color or size does not work. Exam­ple: Do you have this in blue?

Can I try this on?

Most stores have rooms to test whether the clothes you have to mea­sure yours.
That comes to …

Means the local price or real, for exam­ple: That comes to $ 55.

Are you pay­ing by cash or credit card?

The cashier will ask you to leave the hotel how to pay.

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