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How to Write Poetry? (Part II)

In the pre­vi­ous post, we looked at var­i­ous ways to get started with poetry. We looked at express­ing our feel­ings, our senses effec­tively. Now we would look at few things which can prove to be extremely important.

Read Poetry:

Read­ing poetry is con­sid­ered one of the vital ingre­di­ents to writ­ing poetry. It not only gives you the strength of vocab­u­lary but also it gives you the strength of pow­er­ful imagery. Using metaphors effec­tively is one of the para­me­ters which dis­tin­guish a good poem from a nor­mal one. Ini­tially when you read great work you tend to get over­pow­ered by their style and their words. Some­times you would tend to lend their style. Watch out against this. Remem­ber they too must have started from square one. It’s their gift of vision that sep­a­rated them from oth­ers. Let me remind you again that hav­ing an absolutely first class, orig­i­nal vision help when it comes to words.

Walk away from drudgery:

Walk Away From Drudgery

You need to allow your­self time and space to come up with ideas. Until you lie down in a sofa and allow your­self a reverie you would not appre­ci­ate all your feel­ings. Each of our senses lives the same feel­ing dif­fer­ently. So if you don’t give time to your­self to indulge with the idea of a spec­tac­u­lar thought, you don’t fully live that moment. You need to move from the present realm of chores and ten­sions to the world of a beau­ti­ful thought. The moment you live each moment fully, you are ready to write poems which every­one else would die to read. Remem­ber the sole idea of poetry is to lift you from your present world and get you to a world of you and yourself.

Write and Share:

Start writ­ing! Start with few words which you already mocked up in your mind. Some­times the poems are not fin­ished in one sit­ting, but keep­ing it for long would also dimin­ish the flu­id­ity of the thought. Choos­ing a topic close to your heart shall help. If the topic is a pain stak­ing expe­ri­ence then you can use third per­son tone to bring about the pain. Do not hes­i­tate to take opin­ion of oth­ers. Remem­ber they always want to hear about someone’s expe­ri­ence which is dif­fer­ent from them. All the opin­ion is con­struc­tive. After the entire step to fur­ther heights stops at all positives.

Happy Poetry!

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