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Correct usage of prepositions

In the pre­vi­ous posts we came to know about some of the basics of prepo­si­tions. We also came to know dif­fer­ent kinds of prepo­si­tions. Now in this topic let us know how to use, where to use prepo­si­tions for proper mean­ing of the sen­tences. There are 4 golden rules per­tain­ing to the proper usage of prepositions.

Rule1: In sit­u­a­tions, the prepo­si­tions might be required to be placed at the end of the sen­tence. In such sce­nar­ios, they can be used fol­low­ing ways

a) When the rel­a­tive pro­noun is ‘that’

Exam­ple: Here is the book that you have been search­ing for.

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