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How to form words?

It is very easy to learn and build the words if we know some basics in for­ma­tion of the words and how the chem­istry occurs between the words to form more other related words. There are many words in Eng­lish and they are in bil­lions so we can’t remem­ber all so we have to take some domains in which we are involved more and learn­ing the words in that domain will help us very much in our daily life and we are not try­ing for the word com­pe­ti­tions and we just want to learn words for our daily work. We may not need most of those words because if we are work­ing in the field of com­puter sci­ence then what is the need of learn­ing all the words related to biol­ogy? So let’s learn only the words that are related to our domain. But one impor­tant thing is that we should have some basic vocab­u­lary and their usage in our life as when we try to under­stand some basic con­cepts like virus, bac­te­ria because if we don’t know what is a virus or bac­te­ria is then we can’t under­stand any­thing about the dis­eases that are caused because of them. So we should try to build some basic knowl­edge about other fields also.


Most of the time if we know the root words from which we got the words we can derive all the words based on that root word and also we can eas­ily get the mean­ing of that word. One more ben­e­fit that we get if we try to remem­ber the root words is that it reduces the prob­lem of remem­ber­ing the words.
For exam­ple if you just remem­ber the word “cide” or “caedo” is to kill. Basic on this we can con­struct so many words like
Pat­ri­cide – killing of own father (pater or patris means father),
Mat­ri­cide– killing of own mother (mater or matris means mother),
Uxoricide-killing of own wife (uxor means wife),
Soro­r­i­cide– killing of own sis­ter (soror means sis­ter),
Regi­cide– killing of king (reg means king),
Geno­cide– killing of whole race (geno means race).
Some of the words can sim­ply formed by just adding some pre­fixes and suf­fixes to the already exist­ing and the words that we know very much. By adding these suf­fices and pre­fixes we can form the adjec­tives and adverbs of the words also if they are nouns and verbs respec­tively.
For exam­ple by adding the suf­fix ‘ly’ we can get the adjec­tive form of the noun. ‘ity’ is a noun suf­fix, ‘ist’ is a per­son who does some­thing, ‘in’ for neg­a­tive pre­fix, ‘ate’ acts as verb suf­fix, ‘ion’ acts as a verb suf­fix, ‘ary’ adjec­tive suf­fix, ‘ent’ adjec­tive suf­fix etc. There are sev­eral suf­fixes and pre­fixes that we have to know and then we can form very eas­ily all the adjec­tives, nouns, verbs, adverbs from the basic root words.

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