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5 Powerful ways to shift to higher vibration instantly

If you’re feeling low in spirit, or a bit down lately then here’s something to assist you in bringing that vibration up instantly!

What is Lower vibration?

This is simply a state when you aren’t at your best.

You might feel out of your element, low, unhappy, bored, irritated, reluctant of trying any new work or path, unsocial.

What is higher vibration?

This is the state when you are high, happy, full of energy, in a fabulous mood, ready to try new things and eager to talk to people.

How can you shift?

To switch your vibration is like changing the setting in your mind.

First, you need to be aware that you can be better than whatever state of mind you are in. Then, try any or all of these tips to get you moving.

Tips to shift to a higher vibration

1. Go out in nature:

Begin with going to a local park or beach. Break the monotony of urban life and go back to the basics. If you’ve been low for a long period of time then going out for a vacation of 2-3 days in a less-crowded spot will ease your senses. Nature has a habit of rejuvenating us with its fresh air, lush green landscapes and serene, pleasant sounds. Ensure that you pay close attention to each of these details while you are out. A simple walk in the park will also do wonders. Just go and chill out!

2. Activate positive words in your mind:

Have you ever felt that when we utter words like anger, irritating, yuck, etc; our facial expressions & body language change? It changes when you use positive words too. Use this to your advantage. In your mind or out loud utter words like happy, bliss, joy, success, wow, awesome, calm, centered, serene, and peace. Speak out each word with emotion and allow your mind to shift. This is a good start to get to meditation, as when your mind is full of negative chatter it’s hard to quiet it down but easier to transform that chatter from negative to positive.

3. Go with Gratitude:

Using gratitude instantly puts us in a great state of mind. It lets us see great opportunities and situations around us, even if there are difficulties. Gratitude works best if you either write or reiterate a few good things and also speak out WHY you’re grateful for each thing.

For example, I am grateful for my eyes BECAUSE of which I can read this information and uplift myself.

If you’re in a state where you can’t even find one thing to be grateful about, then start with simple, mundane things like, “I am grateful that there’s a cover on my phone because of which my phone is safe.” Then link it with the next thing and be grateful for the phone because of which you can connect to friends and access information instantly. Then connect the last thing like having friends because of which you are not alone and enjoy great times; and so on

4. Shake off that negative energy:

Move around, dance! You don’t need to be a pro to do this. Just jump around on some happy music that makes you feel ambitious or fun or great. Be careful, the lyrics of the song should be fun and uplifting, or else this won’t work well for you. Songs like “tonight’s gonna be a good night,” “happy,” “hall of fame” will put you in a better state. Even after you’re uplifted, refrain from listening to songs about heartbreaks and heartaches no matter how tempting and how super hit they are.

5. Relieve those good old memories:

Photos and videos can transport you right back in time making you forget where you currently are. This can make you sad but also uplift you if the memory that you are recalling is one that is wonderful and pleasant. Keep some happy times’ photos aside like your victory, birthday craziness, cute pets, etc.; so you can thumb through them and get a smile on your face. Better yet, frame some good pictures and hang it in your living room or places where you tend to go on auto-pilot like washroom, smoking area, or any place where you let your mind go astray.

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